Titanfall Midnight Release

We will be at Gamestop on Rt. 31 (directions) for the midnight release of Titanfall!
We’ll have energy drinks to make sure you can stay up all night playing, and we’ll have some awesome product for you guys to check out, too.

Don’t forget the Day one patch – grab a book to read while you wait.

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St. Patrick’s Day Parade

We will be appearing in the 32nd Annual Syracuse St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Saturday March 15th!
Check out their website for more information: syracusestpatricksparade.org 

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We’ve Moved!


Check out our new location in the Macy’s Wing of the Great Northern Mall in Clay, NY!Our New Storefront in the Macy's Wing

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Author Signing on Free Comic Book Day!

The Sundering: Immortal

The Sundering: Immortal by Michael J. Wyant, Jr.

Michael J. Wyant, Jr. is the author of the new novel The Sundering: Immortal (www.sunderingseries.com) and he’s going to be available at the shop on Free Comic Book Day to sell and sign – and play Magic: The Gathering if there’s time!

What about the book you say? Well, let’s quickly hop over to amazon to give you a brief overview:

“By some twist of fate thirteen people a year find themselves gifted with limited immortality, but when they start disappearing a four thousand year old woman named Dervy is tasked with finding out why. After receiving an anonymous tip, Dervy flies across the United States to gather a new immortal with a death wish, but can she find out what is happening to these newly “Taken” while still protecting one who doesn’t want to live for a day, let alone forever? Written in a similar style to David Farland’s “Nightingale” and Brandon Sanderson’s “The Emperor’s Soul”, “Immortal” brings life to a place where ancients slowly manipulate the world we live in while remaining firmly outside of it.”







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Free Comic Book Day Exclusive!

Exclusive Free Comic Only available at Larger Than Life!We here at Larger Than Life have an awesome exclusive book for Free Comic Book Day! A free preview of the upcoming Order-A-Sketch Quarterly, due out this summer, will be available only at Larger Than Life Toys and Comics! This book is written and drawn by local artists, with advertising support from local businesses. Its a Central New York book and its something we are really excited about! Come on down and check it out – as a bonus on Free Comic Book Day – that’s May 4th this year – the artists will be on hand to sign and sketch and sell some of their own work, too!

The artists featured are Tiff Bogus, Ethan Kocak of the Black Mudpuppy (www.blackmudpuppy.com) and Nate Remick of Grey Matters (www.greymatterscomic.com).







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Free Comic Book Day Ad – in Print!

Print Ad from the Liverpool Life

Print Ad from the Liverpool Life

Liverpool Life Magazine
Liverpool Life Magazine where our Free Comic Book Day Print Ad appeared this week!

This year for Free Comic Book Day we put together a pretty cool print ad – and just got back our first copy! Take a look – and if you are in the area, grab a copy of the Liverpool Life magazine!











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Free Comic Book Day is May 4th!

Check out our brand new commercial for Free Comic Book Day!

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Check out Grey Matters by Nate Remick

Grey Matters by Nate RemickCheck out this comic just launched by our good friend and collaborator Nate Remick - Grey Matters on Facebook

According to Facebook it’s already drawing comparisons to The Far Side by Gary Larsen – which is exactly what Nate was going for!Look for a full web site soon, but for now like it on Facebook and check it out!









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Syracuse.com gave us a shout out!

It seems like just yesterday we posted that Harlem Shake video… But we got a link to it from Syracuse.com in an article about the Harlem Shake craze!

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Outtakes from our Harlem Shake

We got so many views so quickly we wanted to embarrass everyone by posting these silly outtakes!

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